Testimonials - SAT Prep


One of the things that made me skeptical about signing up for this course was that they only offer group lessons on Sundays. That’s not the most fun way to spend three hours every weekend. But when I heard that they were all booked up for their private lessons – which is what I really wanted - I decided to give it a try – they must be that good if they have a waiting list, right? Right! I never felt that I was one of the group. Somehow both the math and the English teachers were able to concentrate on my needs. “Find out your strengths, and run with them,” Janice told me. “You must learn from your mistakes,” Kate kept saying. If I had a problem in my math and English classes, both of them let me stay after class to help me out! They let me know from the outset that they are not “magicians” : they expect me to put in the work, to review my mistakes, to do extra exercises. 

R. H. 



What distinguishes one SAT tutoring place from another? Which one to choose? There are so many of them these days! We, my three sons and I, tried a few of them and finally came upon this one. The kids liked the friendly atmosphere – not exactly a recommendation for achieving a high score. Wrong! Couple that with caring, knowledgeable, experienced teachers and you see a tremendous improvement in your child’s attitude and a much higher score. Thank you Janice and Kate. You are Monmouth County’s best kept secret. We’ll spread the word around.


The math teacher is a genius as far as I am concerned.  But her knowledge could not be enough.  She truly knows how to teach on any level -even AP Physics.  

J. Revel


There is no one reason that helped me improve my score: Maturity on my part? Hard work? Caring instructors? Well-rounded and knowledgeable teachers? Probably all of those things. All I know, is I am thrilled with the results. 

T. B.  

I was looking for small SAT classes that would give me personalized attention. I was looking for teachers with a strong background in their respective fields. I was looking for educators who never heard a question they considered ”stupid.” I was looking for a tutoring service that really cared whether my scores increased substantially, not just 50 points. Lucky for me, I found this place. The results were incredible, and who took all the credit? I did. But now that the cat is out of the bag, I must admit it was a joint effort. They will tell you that they are proud of you, and that made all the difference. 

Julia V. .   

The English tutor kept coming up with these weird sayings: "The more you know, the more you know."  "You must read to write."  "Writing is one of the three major inventions/discoveries in history."  She kept driving forth  the idea that writing is a key to academic and professional success - and it finally hit me:  she has a point.   I am glad I finally got it!  Good writing skills paid off for me - 15 years later.  

Sanjana S.